Children’s eye careUp to 90% of what a child learns comes from what they see!
In the UK, one out of every five children has an undetected eyesight problem..
Poor vision can hinder a child’s development. If this poor vision is not spotted or dealt with in young eyes, this can often lead to greater difficulties in later life. So, it’s vital that children are taken for regular eye checks.
These are some signs and symptoms to be aware of that indicate your child may need an eye check.

  • Regular headaches.
  • Screws up eyes or frowns to see.
  • Rubs eyes and blinks a lot.
  • Closes or covers one eye.
  • Clumsy, bumping in to objects.
  • Under performing at school.
  • Short attention span, gazes out of the window
  • Complaining that things are blurry or hard to see

Our optometrists will examine your child’s eyes in a fun and comfortable environment. Don’t worry if your child is unsure with letters and numbers, as pictures and shapes can be used.
All children eye checks are free under the NHS and are usually repeated once a year.
Adams Eyecare is committed to looking after your whole family; please make appointments for your children regularly. If the eye check reveals that your child needs glasses, he or she will also qualify for an NHS voucher that enables them to choose free frames from a selected range in our practice. Alternatively, for an additional charge, they can select frames from our other exciting children’s range, all available at an affordable price.
Contact Lens For Children
Contact Lenses may well be an option. Clinically it’s safe for most children to wear contact lenses, though we advise waiting until they’re old enough to clean and look after them properly unsupervised. In most cases this means that from early teens onwards, contact lenses can be a great choice for teenagers especially for playing sport.
The Sun and Children’s Eyes
Children receive 50% of their lifetime sun exposure before they are 18 and there is growing evidence to suggest that over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays can contribute to eye problems in later life. Therefore we recommend 100% UV, optical grade sunglasses to be worn during prolonged exposure to the sun.
Children’s Sports Eyewear
If your child plays sports and requires glasses, we recommend specific sport goggles that are impact resistant, comfortable and child friendly.
Click on the link below to see the official advice about children’s eyes from the College of Optometrists. Click here CHILDREN